Services We Offer

Tree Trimming

Tree trimming, Tree pruning or whatever you refer to it as, should be done properly. We use modern techniques of climbing and prune to modern standards. We like to prune a tree to leave it looking natural and not appear (Hacked). Sometimes a tree has to have larger cuts performed on it to make it less hazardous or to preserve the tree and reduce the chance of failure, but we try to do what is best for the tree. A tree should not be (spiked) if it is not to be removed, as it is detrimental to the tree. With the modern equipment and techniques available today, there shouldn’t be any excuse to spike a tree unless it is an emergency, a hazard, or the tree is being removed.

Tree removal

There are many reasons that a tree may need to be removed. Be it that the tree is dying or dead, has become too big for its surroundings, is causing root trouble,  has become over mature, is a safety hazard, etc….  Regardless of the reason, it can be a tough and dangerous task and must be done properly and safely. Some times we are able to use our bucket truck , otherwise it has to be climbed. Here at Sam’s tree service we have modern equipment and use safe and modern methods to bring trees down efficiently. We like to stay on top off new methods to make our tree removals more efficient and safe. We utilize equipment such as wireless intercom helmet systems, light weight  heavy duty ropes and pulleys, tree lowering devices, Large brush  chippers with winches and Bucket trucks. We also have a miniature skid steer which can fit through a 36″ gate. We also contract out cranes if it is needed.

Crown reduction

Crown reduction or height reduction shouldn’t be done unless a tree really needs it to keep from failing or for safety reasons. Sometimes it may have to be done for view clearance or for solar panels as well. whatever the reason, it should be done properly. Crown reduction is not the same as (Topping).  Topping a tree is basically  cutting a tree to a bare pole and butchering it. The result of this is poorly attached weak growth that grows from this cut area. The cut area will also start to decay and the weak growth will eventually fail and break off if not maintained. Often times these trees will have to be removed or constantly maintained. Crown reduction is the selective removal of branches and stems to reduce the height or spread of tree. thus leaving you a tree that still looks nice but has less chance of a failure.

Chipping Brush and Debris

We offer brush chipping services as well. we can clean up brush piles, burn piles, fire clearance, etc.. We have two brush chippers and a mini skid steer to feed the brush into the chippers. We can haul the chips away or leave them for you to utilize on your property.

Tree cabling/ bracing

Sometimes a tree may need to have a cable system installed or have to have a brace put under it to help support the whole tree or a particular limb. There are many different cabling systems and materials available these days. There is steel cable and synthetic cable available. Sometimes a tree has to be bolted together if it has a poor crotch attachment or is splitting. Whatever the case, feel free to get us out there to give you our opinion on what the tree could use to help it stay intact.

Palm Tree Pruning/removal

We are constantly pruning palm trees and sometimes removing them. They are pokey dirty trees to work on, but are very beautiful in my opinion. We have done a lot of palm trees and know how to properly prune or remove them. We can also (skin) the trunks to make them look nice and smooth. We can (pineapple) the date palms to bring out their beauty and tidy them up.

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Yard cleanup

We also offer full yard clean up. This includes, hedge pruning, leaf raking, junk haul away , old burn piles, etc…. we have access to roll off boxes if it is a lot of material or junk to be hauled away.

Stump grinding/stump removal

We offer stump grinding as well.  We have a small stump grinder for backyards and a large stump grinder for the big stumps.  No stump too big or small.  We can also dig out and haul away uprooted stumps

24 Hr. Emergency Tree Service

We offer 24hr emergency services  for those unexpected tree failures, such as a tree falling on a house, a vehicle, blocking a road or driveway , etc… we work with local crane companies if a crane must be used as well.

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